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18:30-19:00   听众签到       
19:00-19:05   主持人开场       
19:05-19:10   北大国家发展研究院代表致词       
19:10-20:10   ALASTAIR MOORE老师主题演讲       
20:10-20:40   互动问答


Machine Learning 101: Data strategies in business

Starting from the idea of using models to forecast or predict the behaviour of business we will look at the current methods emerging from the fields of Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence. We will present a short specific application, introducing tools to understand the relationship between data, feature engineering, algorithms and decision making across a business.

The lecture will conclude with a survey of some recent companies and investments in the London AI startup scene, and present some applications to inspire you to think about how to use data effectively within your own business.


Dr. Alastair Moore
Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship| UCL EngineeringProgramme Director, Business Analytics | UCL School of Management

Alastair is a UCL PhD computer scientist with 10 years experience in AI/ML, UX design, market places, mobile and early stage tech innovation. I was on the founding team of UCL spin-out Satalia.com and venture backed Wearepopup.com.

His activities at UCL include helping set up IDEALondon innovation centre at the heart of TechCity with Cisco and EDF Energy. He has been a member of the Special Group for Entrepreneurship for the British Computer Society and has mentored at the Wayra Academy, Springboard Mobile (now Techstars London) & Startupbootcamp IoT.

In recent years I have mainly been involved in helping design and administer innovation/startup support programmes, most recently at UCL Centre for Entrepreneurship. Current projects include innovation in business models for 5G networked environments, scale-up support programme for SME’s requiring Big Data/Analytics expertise and commercialisation of smart cities platform using Sematic Web technology.



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