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2018 UCL Annual Ball

With deep love for UCL and kind concern for our alumni, UCL Club of Beijing Annual Ball 2018 was held in the evening of November 24, 2018 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beijing.

This year UCL Club of Beijing Annual Ball was jointly hosted by UCL Club of Beijing and WRSA British Branch. 360 alumni and guests from home and abroad gathered together to participate in the grand event.

UCL Club of Beijing organizes various kinds of alumni activities every year. The theme of this year's Annual Ball was “Museum Night”.

For tonight's gathering, President and Provost of UCL Professor Michael Arthur led more than 10 UCL representatives including UCL Vice-Provost Mrs. Lori Houlihan and Cognitive Neurology Professor Geraint Rees from London to Beijing.

The following guests attended this Annual Ball: Mr. Long Yuxiang, Executive Chairman of China International Cultural Communication Center; Secretary-General Wang Pijun of WRSA; Ms. Lv Xiaohui, Vice president of BiMBA of National School of Development of Peking University; Mr. Zhou Saifeng, Chairman of the China Foundation for Social and Cultural Development; MS. Hu Ping, Vice-Chairman of China International Cultural Communication Center Private Museum Federation and Curator of Kejia Museum; Mr. Wang Dong, Director of the Asian and African affairs, Secretariat of Boao Forum for Asia;Ms. Zhong Hui, senior director of Media Division, Secretariat of Boao Forum for Asia; Mr. Chen Hong, Director of Hainan South China Sea Tropical Oceanography Research Institute and other over 50 distinguished guests.

On behalf of WRSA, Secretary-General Wang Pijun expressed his warm welcome and sincere greetings to President and Provost of UCL Professor Michael Arthur and UCL delegation coming from afar and a warm welcome to all the guests and alumni attending the Annual Ball. Secretary-General Wang Pijun also expressed his heartfelt thanks to UCL Club of Beijing of WRSA British Branch for the preparation and organization of this grand event.

President and Provost of UCL Professor Michael Arthur made a keynote speech. He said, “I am very excited to return to Beijing again today and back in front of the alumni. I am very proud of all the achievements you have made and I hope you are proud of being a member of UCL.”

In addition, President and Provost of UCL Professor Michael Arthur released the latest fundraising activity of UCL on the spot, It's ALL about Academic Campion is progressing very smoothly. By October, the total amount of donation has reached 480 million pounds, and the total target of the activity is 600 million pounds. There is also an activity dedicated to alumni volunteering. This year's goal is 250,000 hours, but so far only 120,000 hours have been completed.

President and Provost of UCL Professor Michael Arthur also brought some delightful news: UCL and several internationally renowned universities were awarded the title of "Global Star" in the global university ranking activities; UCL built a new student center, which could accommodate thousands of students to study at the same time. UCL also participated in the East London Revitalization and construction of the East London campus began. In addition, UK Dementia Research Institute at UCL would soon be completed.

UCL Vice-Provost Mrs. Lori Houlihan spoke highly of the work of UCL Club of Beijing and expressed her gratitude to the guests, sponsors and alumni.

Since 2012, UCL has sent representatives from London to Beijing every year to attend our annual events, especially UCL President and Provost, Professor Michael Arthur and UCL Vice-Provost Mrs. Lori Houlihan. We thank them for the precious time they have given us.

The theme of the Annual Ball this year is museum, as one of the four ancient civilizations, China has enormous collection of antiques and many sights listed as world cultural heritage. According to incomplete statistics, China has 3354 state-owned museums, 811 private museums. Vice president of China International Culture Communication Center Private Museum Committee, President of Kejia Museum, Ms. Hu Ping gave a brief and wonderful speech of museums in China.

Dean of UCL College of Life Sciences and President of the Society of Cognitive Neurology, Professor Geraint Rees said in his speech, “I’m very glad to see so many alumni. If you are doing neurological research, there's nothing more suitable than UCL.”

After the speeches by VIP guests, President and Provost of UCL Professor Michael Arthur invited all guests to toast the opening of our party and enjoy the delicious cuisine and wine.

Chinese Dance "China Red"

Next came the Chinese Dance "China Red" presented by hard of hearing disabled performers from the Beijing Heart Sound Art Club.

The Annual Ball was sponsored and supported by ChinaEquity Group, Surprise Outlets, Stigo, CBRE, Jenny Packham, Swiss Bernina Jewelry, Yan W.HAT, Qatar Airways, Mufeeling, The British House, English Tea Room, Rong Xin Tailor, 90 Plus Wine Club, MCM, CHER, Swanna Coffee, Expat Connection, HSBC Bank, Jiamei Dental, W Prime Gym, ETRO,Wink Lash&Nail, official ticketing platform Huodingxing, Inke APP and Plusx. The 60 generous gifts provided by them were distributed to alumni in the form of lucky draws.

Dunhuang dance “Dreams, Flying Apsaras”

Invited to perform in the evening party of the 39th session of the General Assembly of UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France

Dunhuang dance “Dreams, Flying Apsaras” took the guests to the mysterious Mogao Grottoes 100 years ago. Dunhuang has a long history and a splendid culture. Today, two thousand years later, it has become one of the greatest and most glorious historical and cultural heritages of mankind with its unparalleled grotto art and cultural relics.

A series of brilliant performances continued. One special guest is the famous alumni magician Wang Si who flew all the way from London to perform at the Ball. His magic tricks were mind bending.

Towards the finale, the alumni band invited President and Provost of UCL Professor Michael Arthur to go on stage to be their band’s drummer. The whole room went wild and wanted more.

The photographer from Plusx captured the wonderful moments of the Ball. Smiles were recorded, friendships and good wishes were remembered. During the Annual Ball, there were six rounds of lottery draws, which brought our guests unexpected surprise gifts.

Professional Salsa champions from Mexico led the guests to dance salsa. The dance floor was packed with grooving alumni, sponsors, media, VIPs and professors.

President and Provost of UCL, Professor Michael Arthur, danced together with the guests, showing off his dance moves, kind smile and approachable charm.

Time flies when you’re having fun. It was a night to remember, a night of laughter and everlasting friendship.

The Grand Ball was drawing to a close, and with it the happy reunion getting to an end. It was an unforgettable night. Provost Michael Arthur took photos with alumni after the party and assured to see them at the 2019 UCL Annual Ball!

According to statistics, the Annual Ball was watched by 2,325,515 audience through online live broadcast via Inke and it was ‘liked’ by many with a lot of positive comments.

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